/a safe solution for reopening indoor spaces

live occupancy tracking and analytics

schools - work places - hospitality venues - stores - gyms


With COVID-19 changing the way we use our spaces, knowing the real time occupancy is more important than ever. It not only assures that your business/facility can maintain everyone's safety by limiting traffic, it also means you can share real time info with customers and guests as they enter a space. In addition, data collected over time can be presented to business stakeholders so they can optimize their decision making process, hugely impactful both now and in the post-COVID era. Density allows us to know how an area is being utilized, keeping privacy a top priority.

Primary use-cases for Density

Health & Safety

Physical Security

Porfolio Optimization


We are bringing real-time capacity tracking to stores, workplaces and more. The system helps to ensure safety as spaces slowly open up, while still respecting social distancing and capacity limits. Our Density depth sensors enable you to monitor the occupancy of your space without using a camera, meaning you can maintain anonymity for your customers, guests and employees.

Main benefits of real-time occupancy

Prioritize Safety

Give people easy-to-follow visual cues to guide them safely into workplaces, stores, schools, gyms, and more.

Avoid Overcrowding

Count people who enter and exit in real time. Improve the customer experience and social distancing guidelines.

Cut Operational Costs

Track foot traffic trends using analytical data tools and save money on operational costs, such as cleaning and energy.


Anonymous Detection

Our Density sensors are highly accurate and 100% anonymous. Instead of recording video, the depth sensors merely detect movement in and out of spaces.

Easy Installation

The device is simply installed over an entryway. It plugs into a standard outlet and WiFi. If you don’t have WiFi, you can use an ethernet port or we can offer an alternative solution.

Continiuous Monitoring

Every entrance and exit is monitored in real time. The system anonymously scans the entrance in 3D for counting accurately, even when large groups enter.

Real-Time Capacity

The real-time count of guests in each area of your facility is easy to monitor through a dashboard. Also, real-time mobile notifications are sent when capacity limits are hit.

Data Forecasting

Since the system tracks traffic data, it gives you valuable information so you can forecast customer trends to schedule staff based on actual numbers.

Customizable digital signage

Digital signage can be added to the system so your guests feel safe to enter, or know when to wait. The displays can be customized with your own messaging, brand images and more.

/how we can
generate business
value for you

Health & Safety

/Gain employee trust to get people back to the office safely
/Reduce sick days with safe building programming
/Mitigate risks from unauthorized building access due to tailgating

Space Optimization

/Make smarter CapEx improvements that avoid waste
/Repurpose/refit/reallocate space safely & intelligently
/Optimize size at every level in your portfolio (building, floor, room ratios, neighborhood)

Operating Expenses savings

/Increase cost efficiency of custodial services by up to 30% with usage-based cleaning

Cost Avoidance

/Avoid or delay leasing new sq. ft. you don’t need based on accurate utilization data
/Set efficient growth standards that increase space efficiency for future leases


"We did everything to fool it, but it counted correctly every time. This tech works exactly as described."

Greg Kelley, Director, IT

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